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Author Guidelines

In the articles to be sent to Duzce Economics Journal, the authors must comply with the following principles and rules.

Click for sample Word Template. This word template is the definitive format of the journal. Since the blind-peer-review process will be applied, you should upload the name, institution, contact information and ORCID number of author(s) separately as a cover file and not include this information in the manuscript.

During the article submission process, the files named Copyright Agreement Form and Author Declaration Form Not Requiring Ethics Committee Permission must be filled and signed, and their wet-ink signed versions should be uploaded to the system apart from the manuscript.

In addition, authors are required to submit Contribution Rate Statement (for studies with more than one author), Conflict of Interest Statement, and Supports and Acknowledgements Statement as additional files. They may prefere to submit these statements before or after the referee process and acceptance is completed.

The Format Requirements below do not have to be met before the article is submitted; however, accepted articles can be published on the condition that they fulfill the format requirements. Therefore, the author(s) have the choice and responsibility to prepare the article originally complying with the format requirements and upload it to the system, or to rearrange it according to the format requirements after the referee process is completed and accepted.


Format Requirements

  1. The articles should be prepared in the "Office Word" program in A4 paper size, the abstract should be around 200-250 words, the total length of the articles should not exceed 25 pages. (We recommend to use the Article Template of Duzce Economics Journal.)
  2. General page layout should be Left: 2.5 cm, Right: 2.5 cm, Top: 2.5 cm and Bottom: 2.5 cm. Unlike the general page layout, solely the page layout of the Abstract, Keywords, JEL Classification and Öz, Anahtar Kelimeler, JEL Sınıflandırması (Turkish forms of Abstract, Keywords, JEL Classification) sections should be Left: 3.5 cm, Right: 3.5 cm, Top: 2.5 cm and Bottom: 2.5 cm.
  3. Font style, Palatino Linotype should be chosen and the entire article should be prepared in this font style.
  4. Font sizes of the sections in the paper should be as Title 17 pts; Başlık (Turkish form of Title) 16 pts; Abstract, Keywords, JEL Classification, and Öz, Anahtar Kelimeler, JEL Sınıflandırması (Turkish forms of Abstract, Keywords, JEL Classification) sections 9 pts; text parts of the article in 10 pts. Headings should vary between 12-10 pts, depending on the degree of headings – first degree 12 pts, second degree 11 pts, third degree 10 pts, and lower degree headings, if exist, 10 pts. Headings and text parts of tables, figures and graphics should be 10 pts; references from which the data of tables, figures and graphics have been obtained, and notes about tables, figures and graphics should be 9 pts. Finally, footnotes should be 8 pts.
  5. Title, Başlık, Abstract and Öz (only the headings of Abstract and Öz, not the texts of them) should be centered. Additionally tables, figures, graphics and equations in the article should be centered. Nonetheless, the text parts of the Abstract and Öz sections, Keywords, JEL Classification, Anahtar Kelimeler, JEL Sınıflandırması, text parts of the article, including bibliography should be justified. Finally, headings at all degree should be left-justified.
  6. Each heading in the text (including Introduction) should be numbered in degrees complying with the decimal system; however, Conclusion and Bibliography, as headings, should be excluded and not numbered.
  7. Abstract, Keywords, JEL Classification and Öz, Anahtar Kelimeler, JEL Sınıflandırması sections should be written in italics, besides italic writing should be used for highlighting when necessary.
  8. Each heading at each level should be bold (except the main Title of the article and Başlık; these parts will not be bold) and only the first letters of the words making up the title should be capitalized.
  9. Headings and paragraphs should be written without indentation. Line spacing should be set to 1, and 6 nk spacing should be left before and after the headings and paragraphs.
  10. APA 6 citation and bibliography style should be used in both in-text citations and bibliography. You can find detailed information about APA 6 at http://www.tk.org.tr/APA/apa_2.pdf. You can also apply this style by using the American Psychological Association 6th Edition (Turkish) option in Mendeley.
  11. Article Template of Duzce Economics Journal has been prepared to help you organize your article in accordance with the Format Requirements that you can find all the styles in accordance with the Format Requirements.
  12. Articles prepared in Turkish or English will be evaluated, but studies prepared in other languages will not be evaluated. In case the article is prepared in Turkish, Extended Abstract should be added after the bibliography to increase worldwide noticeability of the article. On the other hand, in the articles prepared in English, arrangements of the sections, namely Title, Başlık, Abstract-Keywords-JEL Classification and Öz, Anahtar Kelimeler, JEL Sınıflandırması will be different from the articles written in Turkish, phrase of sections will exchange.

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